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Focus on your fundraisers while we manage the code.

Raise & Shine

A fundraising service tailor-made for non-profit organizations

Blissfull Experience

A seamless donation experience on every kind of screen size and device. That's where we started from.

Pay as you like

Your donors have their payment mode of choice. We will not change their habits.

One-time & Recurring

Fundraising on the long run or by short term campaigns. We got you covered. 100% secure.

Multilingual by design

Raise & Shine has been made with european donors in mind. Translation is its mother tongue.

Marketing Automation

Keep your fundraisers engaged and kicking. Cheer them up and keep them posted.

Hosted in Europe

Data protection is not to laugh about. Raise & Shine is seriously GDPR compliant.

Our Trustful Clients

They are dedicated to make the world a better place and we are proud to help them.

King Baudouin Foundation
Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner
Fondation 101 Génomes
Fondation 101 Génomes
Fondation 101 Génomes
Fondation 101 Génomes